We invite to cooperation all companies / retail outlets that would like to participate in the sale of the most prestigious brands in the e-cigarette group Chic (Volish, Mild, LiQueen, Provog). We offer a very attractive, found nowhereelse in terms of cooperation and professional service to the highest level. All interested in joining please contact us by mail or telephone.

Each partner has an absolute discretion in matters of sales. Do not sign contracts with partners for exclusive and do not limit our partners for sales and distribution forms. We assume that eachpartner knows best characteristics of their region, their potential customers and the ability to compete, so can choose the best for themselves a form of sales and distribution of our brands (stationary shops, online, points in shopping malls).

We guarantee all our products. Any problems are neutralized under the guarantee card and proof of purchase directly at our premises - easily, quickly and easily.

The guarantee of obtaining the necessary assistance to marketing. Payments shall be made when ordering or receiving goods.